Snag Tights Review

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The following post is not sponsored. I just really wanted to review these tights!

Featured: Raspberry Pie (no filter!!)

What I hoped for

Now, I’ve been seeing these amazing adverts for Snag Tights for a long while now, and the reason they peaked my interest is because they looked *so* inclusive. Their models looked like quirky eclectic people I’d be mates with and they were anywhere from diddy to (frankly) very large, and all shapes and sizes. Their ads included men in tights (sadly, no Robin Hood) and people in wheelchairs, on crutches, or otherwise differently abled – in other words, real people you would live and work with. Which means I could RELATE to these people and I thought: “Ah! This product must be aimed at me!”

What’s more, they all looked really, really cool in these gorgeous brightly-coloured opaque tights – every one of them. The quality did not change between sizes in the photos, and the brand purportedly prided itself on this. This was their whole selling point: everyone can wear gorgeous tights.

The ads and the website assured me that I would no longer be hoiking them up, tearing the crotch, or feeling them digging painfully into the tops of my thighs. I wouldn’t even need to wear a second pair of knickers over the top, because they wouldn’t slide down.

Well, I thought: that’s a bold claim indeed! Since childhood (and certainly in my fishnet teen years) tights had been the bane of my life for those very reasons. Tights were awful. They ripped, got twisted, laddered, and rolled down to the point of abject discomfort. So I abandoned tights and resigned myself to a life of Primani leggings, even though I wanted tights.

That is, until now…👻

What I received

“Raspberry Pie”, “Beach Bum”, and “Suffragette” (no filter, but poor lighting)

I ordered 3 pairs, judging purely by the photos on the website which were, as before, all inclusive and depicted genuine people who loved wearing these cool tights. I chose Raspberry Pie (bright pink), Beach Bum (teal), and Suffragette (purple). These were £6.99 each, but with a 3+ purchase discount, they wound up costing about £21.00 including postage (so free postage, basically). I believe I got these in an ‘E’, or whatever a size 16 was. I’ve got chunky legs, but I was confident these would fit beautifully.

The tights arrived within a few days of ordering and were packaged delightfully in vintage-style paper sweetie bags. I love these touches and felt like I was unwrapping candy. I couldn’t wait to get ’em on.

Snag Tights’ Big Day Out

My tights having a ride on the train to work (NO FILTER!)

I put my brand new tights on at about 7.30am. They went on – no joke – like leggings. As easy as that – they just slipped on. They were thin and yet felt incredibly durable and stretchy, but unlike most stretchy fabrics, they did not feel even remotely too tight, or loose for that matter. The colour was freakin’ amazing – you need no filters with these tights! They look ace with a dress and DMs, which is my standard wardrobe combination on the daily, if I do say so myself.

Now granted, I don’t have an active job. I sit on my bum at my desk. However, I went from the train, over a bridge, a short walk to work, an 8 hour day, a run to my train and a walk to my car, and I didn’t have to hoik them up ONCE! Even before and after trips to the loo, they just resumed the position. No twisting, overstretching, tearing. No effort. I kept going to hoik them only to find that no hoiking was required!

These tights fit my shape seamlessly and felt like they were working with me, not against me – like these tights have your back. I’m serious here – you might have to name them, because they’re your friends.

The fabric is breathable and flexible and I never once felt hot or uncomfortable the way I do with standard tights.

I’m honestly in shock, because this never, ever happens. In my experience, tights are an irritant which get laddered and chucked within days of purchase. Snag Tights have upped the game, I’ll tell you that.

Final verdict

Applause, applause. Gold star for you, Snag Tights.

No matter where you work or how active your job is, you can absolutely where these stretchy, comfy, gorgeous tights all day long and you will be so, so comfortable.

Granted, I have only tried one pair for a day so far, but I’ll be wearing the others tomorrow and I can bet I will have the same experience.

I’m just going to say: I f-ing loved these tights and I’m not about to wear any others. Not only do I love the brand’s ethos, practice, and their look, but their product is second to none.

Seriously, do not waste your money on fast-fashion tearable, tight, itchy, awkward tights that don’t fit anymore. For £6.99 a pair, I genuinely think these are an absolute bargain, because there’s no reason these shouldn’t last ages and ages if you look after them – and even then, I get the impression these can take a battering and still look amazing. You will not even know you’re wearing these tights, but everyone else will.

Snag Tights: I love this product and you have yourself a fan. Oh, and If you find yourself in want of another model, I’m totally volunteering. 🙋‍♀️ (and how lovely to know you could, without having to be a 6 foot 6 size zero, eh?)

Best wishes,

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